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Swan 2.0 Lot 2507

  • Buying Guide

    To assist prospective purchasers to understand the steps involved in buying a new home, Avant Townhomes have prepared a Buying Guide for you.

    Buying Guide
  • Drawing & Specification

    The drawing and specifications describe the building and related works that you are purchasing. The specification describes the materials, equipment and finishes that are included in the property. The drawings show the layout and appearance of the project, including your selected dwelling. The relevant Drawings and Specification will be included as attachments to the contract of sale that is prepared for your property.

    Specifications External Finishes
  • RACV Emergency Home Assist

    Avant Townhomes provides a contractual, 12-month defect liability period, this means that if a defect occurs in the twelve months after registration of title to your new home we will fix it. This twelve-month period is unusual, many building companies limit their defect liability period to three months or less. If in the unlikely event a critical problem arises out of normal business hours, Avant Townhomes provides you with a twelve-month membership of RACV Emergency Home Assist to ensure you are quickly looked after.

    RACV Emergency Home Assist
  • Handover Manual

    When you take possession of your new home, Avant Townhomes will give you a Handover Manual with information particular to your new home. A sample Handover Manual is made available here for you to see what’s typically included.

    Handover Manual
  • Purchasers Regulatory Framework

    Purchasers of a new Avant Townhome can be assured of receiving professional service and quality. The primary driver of Avant’s performance is the expertise and commitment invested by its own people and those third parties that regularly interact with the business. Purchasers should also appreciate that Avant Townhomes operates within a highly regulated market place. Understanding this environment and meeting or exceeding its many requirements is an important part of Avant Townhomes’ promise to its customers. This Regulations Overview provides a summary of the rules and regulations that influence the design and construction of residential homes by Avant Townhomes in Victoria.